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Focus on rejuvenation of your skin to give it a smoother texture with improved tone.  We offer laser treatments to suit your needs.
Freshen your look with a superficial laser treatment to reduce fine lines and tone your skin by enhancing collagen production with LASER GENESIS.
This gentle laser treatment feels like a warm rain on your face. Treatment takes 20 minutes with no down time afterwards. Laser Genesis can be reapplied monthly as needed to achieve that healthy glow.

Individual treatment $125

For a deeper treatment, schedule your consultation for TITAN laser which yields firmer skin by tightening collagen, reducing sagging and deeper lines of the face and neck.  Treatments involve deep heating of the skin with no down time.  Results are seen in weeks.

Face and Neck-package of 2 monthly treatments $800
Face or Neck individual treatment single session $350

Remodel your shape with TruSculpt body sculpting.
1 hour treatment $999

Look refreshed with Botox
$14/unit with discount over 25 units

Fill in deeper creases of the lower face with Juvederm Ultra Plus
Enhance your lips with Juvederm Ultra
$700/ syringe

Grow your eyelashes for a longer, fuller look without mascara by using Lastisse
Now on sale for $100 per 3cc bottle -

Expires on 10/31/2023

Lift your droopy eyelids & give yourself a wide-awake, youthful appearance with Upneeq that lasts 6 hours
Now on sale for $60 for 30 vials (enough for 60 days) - Expires on 10/31/2023


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