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Hair Removal Specialist

Laura Pallan, MD -  - Ophthalmologist

Ophthalmology Consultants, PC

Laura Pallan, MD

Ophthalmologist & Laser Aesthetic Specialist Located in Moon Township, Pa

Dr. Laura Pallan of Ophthalmology Consultants expanded her practice years ago to include aesthetic and cosmetic care services for her patients. She achieves truly remarkable results by combining her medical training and expertise with the advanced technology of lasers to tighten and tone skin, reduce fine lines and spider veins, and remove unwanted hair quickly and painlessly. She has an office conveniently located in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania and offers free consultations regarding aesthetic services offered at Ophthalmology Consultants.

Hair Removal Q & A

Does laser hair removal really work?

Laser Hair RemovalLaser systems effectively remove hair by damaging the follicle to the point it no longer produces hair. But you’ll likely need several treatments to accomplish the results you desire. Hair grows in cycles. Every hair has a resting phase, a transitional phase, and an active growth phase, and proceeds through these cycles independently of one another.

Thus, some of your hair may be in the growth phase while the rest is transitioning or resting. Because lasers target only hair in the active growth phase, you’ll need a few treatments to effectively eliminate the hair in the targeted region. It’s a relatively painless procedure, however, and recovery time is minimal.

Contact Dr. Pallan’s office today to schedule your free consultation regarding any of the aesthetic services offered at Ophthalmology Consultants.

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