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Laura Pallan, MD -  - Ophthalmologist

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Laura Pallan, MD

Ophthalmologist & Laser Aesthetic Specialist Located in Moon Township, & Brentwood Area of Pittsburgh, Pa

Dr. Laura Pallan of Ophthalmology Consultants expanded her practice years ago to include aesthetic and cosmetic care services for her patients. She achieves truly remarkable results by combining her medical training and expertise with the advanced technology of lasers to tighten and tone skin, reduce fine lines and spider veins, and remove unwanted hair quickly and painlessly. She has offices conveniently located in Moon Township, and the Brentwood area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and offers free consultations regarding aesthetic services offered at Ophthalmology Consultants.

Laser Facial Rejuvenation Q & A

LaserFacialHow can lasers tighten skin?

Dr. Pallan uses the highly advanced Titan™ laser skin tightening system to stimulate collagen production from beneath the surface of the skin. Collagen is your body’s natural resource for repairing, toning, and strengthening skin. As the skin tightens, wrinkles and creases are reduced and you’re left with a more youthful appearance. Titan is safe to use on the face, neck, and other areas plagued by sagging skin.

A gentler treatment is also offered called Laser Genesis, which takes care of superficial wrinkles, rosacea, and provides skin toning, restoring your skin to a more youthful appearance.

Results may be noticeable after the first treatment and continue for several months as collagen production remains at an increased pace. Most patients benefit from two sessions. It’s completely painless with no recovery time necessary before returning to normal activities. Results may last as long as two years, or you can return for periodic touch-up treatments to enhance the effects.

How do lasers remove spider veins?

Dr. Pallan uses the XEO® Laser Genesis™ to painlessly heat small surface or spider veins to the point they are damaged enough to seal up and essentially, die. The Laser Genesis also provides amazing results when used for skin resurfacing to produce smoother skin texture, reduce pore size, and decrease fine lines and wrinkles.

The laser’s resurfacing action is also an effective treatment for acne scarring and associated redness. Over time, the Laser Genesis stimulates new collagen production, which naturally tightens and tones skin. It’s a painless and fast procedure that offers amazing results quickly, especially when provided by a medical expert such as Dr. Pallan.

*Individual Results May Vary